Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Crazy mind

Most of the time, my mind goes bzz-bzz-bzz, like an ant on caffeine. Running a horse business encourages this – there’s the horse care, the training, the medicals, the clients, the lessons, the schedule, the event planning, the insurance, the budget, the promoting, the staff relations, the list goes on and on. Often I feel like I have 6 pots boiling on a 4-burner stove.

The schedule has been quite busy the last couple of months, which feeds my manic tendencies. Thanks to the help of Cheryle, Laura, Carol, Cara, Doug, Shirley and Adolpho, most of the time I can keep all of the balls in the air. But then there are times when it all begins to unravel.

Like recently. A small series of blond moments tells me I’m stretching a bit too thin.

Yesterday, I mixed up when Laura was going back to school, and rode her training horses for her. Oops.

Sunday, I came to the barn in sandals (normal for this time of year), but without socks. Socks are kind of essential with tall boots.

I re-arranged my entire Tuesday to make it to the chiropractor, for an appointment that was scheduled for Monday.

Friday remembered half-way to the barn that we were doing promo photographs, and wearing my striped breeches on a really wide horse will probably accentuate my chair-seated tendency. Yea, let’s go publicize those photos all over the internet. Maybe it’ll make the horses look better, that they can be pretty in spite of my leg position???

Sunday I managed to get the laundry folded and in a basket, and put it down in the living room to do something else, then did something else, then something else. Doug graciously rescued the laundry from becoming a cat bed.

Ironically, even with this completely disorganized mind of mine, when I get on a horse to train, the noise goes away, and my mind settles. Training is the only time my mind calms. In August, shows have slowed a bit, so mounted work has focused on training instead of show prep. Which is probably why the unravels have been comical instead of frustrating.

After this weekend the schedule settles down a bit, and hopefully so will my crazy mind.