Thursday, June 10, 2010

Show Results

Posting show results always comes off a bit arrogant, and I don't want folks to think our barn is one of those snotty, we-win-no-matter-what barns, which we are not.  But I am dang proud of my students, my staff, and my horses.  Then Liz Peck got some incredible shots at  Blue Goose Recognized 1, so that's all the push I needed. 

So if you want to skip the boring scores, here's a link to the photos:

Just to add more voices to the bog, here's everyone's show results, plagorized from the SFD group page on facebook -
From Carol Lippa, Merrick's mom:
Merrick is delving into the season as a multidisciplinary horse. Not quite as brilliant as the pros at Blue Goose, but we had the top score of horses with amateur riders in his first (USDF Training Level) class. And, he did the test with a smile (including green saliva) on his face... Mud sink-holes gave him the heebie-jeebies in his other class, but one of two is SO GOOD FOR MERRICK (What she didn't post is Mer has 3 blues and a red from the CTs hanging on his stall already this season.)
From Laura Juniewicz, who rides her mom's horse, My Valentine, who we all know as Flicka:
The mud stands out in my mind!! Flicka is qualified for GAIG's at Training level now. I can't get the mud outta my britches!! :o(    (Funny, she didn't  mention the 68% and 64% rides!)
From Cara Klothe:
Figi (Forrest Gund) competed training 3 and 4 at Blue Goose. She was second in both big classes with a 68.8% and 72% respectively. This was her first recognized show, and June will be a year undersaddle. She was a super talented pony. She is owned by Trevelyan Farm. 
From Linda Butz, mom of Secret, the super-star I ride:

NJHAHA Show for Secret: 70.571 and 67.105 in First 3&4 on Friday (First Level champion) and 65.143 and 64.211 for the same on Saturday with a different judge. No rain or puddles thank goodness although she wasn't wild about how they had dragged the ring in her first test. Flat spots with no harrow marks look like puddles evidently. Rumor has it that Ange will try second level this weekend at OVCTA. Could be interesting... (she was a pickle at the OVCTA show - she did not appreciate not being braided and not having a stall. Mares.)