Thursday, September 13, 2012

That time of year...

Yes, every year about this time I post a blog about how things get a bit crazy...and this year is no exception.

On top of our normal show craziness, I made DVCTA's quadrille team, that will perform at Dressage at Devon, with Venus. The drill team has been tons of fun and amazing for her. She has learned to stay with my aids no matter what--horses beside her, horses in front of her, horses chasing her, horses coming straight at her, or horses waving scary flags. She is such a brave girl. I am a ridiculously a proud mom.

As good as it has been for her, quadrille plus showing has been rough on my schedule. Eclipse, who has been competing like mad to get his scores in for his year-end awards, and Venus both routinely go to the bank with me.  My bank actually has a drive-through large enough for my truck and 2-horse trailer. Who knew?

Everyone has been showing well.  Secret returned from her training break with a whopping 67.8% at 3rd 3, so that was time well spent. Eclipse has been a bit inconsistent at PSG, and after getting the vet involved, we have started him on omperazole. Hopefully that will bring some consistency to his show numbers.  Pee Wee and Mandy, the two sales horses have been really, really consistent every outing. Flash, the super-power pinto, is getting back in the ring this month after loosing most of the show season healing from an injury back in Feb.  Her owner and I are both pumped that she beat the odds and made it back.

I have made my regular trips to MD for Scott's help, caught an odd clinic or two here and there, and somehow, in all of this stress, managed to keep my enthusiasm up, which is no small feat. That is helped in no small part by my super support, both at home (I owe Doug big time...) and in the barn, and by the steady progress of my mounts. I had Amy shoot some video this week, and I was pleasantly surprised by the improvements in their balance and consistency.  Nothing is as inspiring as progress.

Plus, an additional inspiration, I was interviewed by Amber Heintzberger of USDF Connections magazine for an article about finding appropriate adult amateur dressage mounts. In the article, the reporter highlighted my comments about non-warmblood dressage mounts, along with a photo of Eclipse and me. The article ran in this month's issue.   Isn't that awesome?

On that note, I'm off to pack the trailer. Venus and I are are accompanying Alexa and Ockie at NEDA's Fall Festival in Saugerties this Friday and Saturday. I get home on Sat night, then take Pee Wee  and Joyce and Pikasso to a schooling show Sunday, squeeze in a few lessons, then quadrille practice in the evening, where Mandy will pinch-hit for Venus who will get a well-deserved break after the show.

No rest for the wicked, or is it the weary? I've heard it both ways...either way, no rest until the end of September.