Monday, November 30, 2009

Eclipse's Glamour shots

So, I've been Blogging here for months, and just now took the time to figure out how to add photos. So I'm going a bit nuts. Eclipse, Ensign's Grace's awesome Morgan stallion and my faithful show companion, had a boudior photography session last August (c'mon mares, isn't he hot???).  This little stallion has so much presence, and Catharine really captured it well. Thanks Catharine!!!

What an active hind leg. On a Morgan. Who needs huge warmblood size or purchase price??

His "Big Boy" bridle

Powerful little man, isn't he?? (Yea, I'm in love).

He had only been doing half-steps a few months when we took these. He has the most incredible mind, and a nicely active hind end.Plus a great tail :-).

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