Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Camp 2010

Winter camp is always a highlight here at SFD.  We pull out all the stops to make it a memorable occasion.  Here's what some folks thought, and some photos of the festivities.  We rode twice a day, but our insufficient camera does not handle the indoor lighting well, so photos are of the theory classes. I heard a rumor that Jerry, Marilyn's husband, got some nice mounted photos--I'll get those to you as soon as I can.

A technical note - for some reason, Blogspot keeps adding extra white space around some of the pics, just keep scrolling. There's a bunch of photos here.

The weather, of course, didn't cooperate as well this year. But the cold and wind did not stop our enthusiasm, as you can see in these pics from The Unmounted Seat Lesson.  That class, and the other theory classes, is what makes camp different than a riding clinic. We take the time to get into both dressage theory and horsemanship skills.

Here Cheryle practices maitaining balance while playing catch with a stabilty ball. Now if we could only get the floor to move, it'd REALLY mimic what we have to do while riding.  I'll work on that for next time....

A hula hoop loosens up all the canter-seat muscles.  Of course Paige, age 10, out hula-d us all.

I asked a few of the participants to give me a short write-up of their camp experience. I'm thrilled to see that the riders had as much fun as those of us on staff.  Here's what Joyce Faccenda thought of our camp. Joyce has been riding for a little over a year, and joined us at SFD about 6 months ago.

Winter Camp 2010
by Joyce Feccenda

Winter Camp was a very special Christmas gift I received this year and I’m so glad to have been a participant! 

My understanding of the equestrian world and dressage increased exponentially in 3 short days as I attended classes on the importance of communication, managing fear when riding, equine first aid and nutrition, and participated in Pilates.

The opportunity to take two lessons each day increased my ability and confidence and helped to clarify the changes in position I need to work on. I really enjoyed getting to work with Laura and Cara.  I loved getting to know other riders at Red Bridge Farm.

Being a beginning rider and being new to dressage could be an intimidating situation but with encouragement from Ange, Laura and Cara and being with other riders who are supportive and who care about each others successes, my experience at camp was awesome!

Here's the gift bag we gave all the participants. Doug, of Horse Husband Productions, designed the art. Isn't my man creative????

This is from Wendy Adams, who operates Glory Springs in Wernersville, PA. I've been going out there twice a month as weather permits (they don't have an indoor) for years.  The gals there are enthusiastic and fun.  Her daughter Paige is the hula-hoop star above. 

by Wendy Adams

I can not say enough about straight forward dressage's winter camp.  This is the second year I attended the camp.  I own a barn in western berks county .  Angie has been coming up to give a large group of us lessons for over six years now.  We do not have an indoor ring, so six of us came down to Red Bridge for the winter camp this year.  

We all had an awsome time !!!!!!  There was always something going on, braiding, pilates, demonstrations, and of course RIDING.  Lots and lots of riding !  We all went home very tired, sore, but very happy !!  Being able to spend 3 days away from everything else, and just concentrate on my horse and my riding was just what I needed.  

The facility is beautiful, and everyone was so nice.  I met a lot of really nice people.  Angie, Laura, and Cara, I cannot say enough good things about.  They are wonderful teachers, and were so nice to everyone, and gave people the attention they needed for their level of riding.  This is the second year I brought my 9 year old daughter and her pony, and everyone was so nice to her.  

Thank you Angie, Laura,and Cara for an awesome camp !!!!  You will see us all there next year !!! 

Here's a couple more theory pics, this is our first aid class, where Eclipse stood like a champ and let us learn how to wrap a leg wound. 

This was us chillin' after lunch.  The hanging out is part of the fun.

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