Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Photos of Hasslers

I promised you photos, but cold is BAD for cameras.  But we were able to salvage a few.  

Here is Secret's new-and-improved taller canter. Her canter is a BLAST to ride.

Scott helped Linda with her connection, and used this awesome analogy of a wheel barrow to explain keeping the horse in both reins. Linda has ran with this concept--her last two lessons are the best riding I've seen her do.

Look - harmony!! My red girl is emotionally at peace.

I love this shot. This is from Friday, when her back was so tight, hence her croup is higher than I want. But check out her push-off from the left hind, and the diagonal pair of right hind-left fore is so clearly together that her hind cannon bone and front forearm are parallel.  Her canter rocks.

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  1. Nice pictures, fancy pants. :) They both look awesome.