Sunday, August 22, 2010

Moving news

For all of you who are "Fans of SFD" through our facebook page, you know we've been our usual crazy-busy at the shows.  Not fan? Try this link.
As the gossip chain has correctly reported, yes, Straight Forward Dressage is leaving Red Bridge Farm.  Renee Gorman, Ted's widow, has decided to sell, and I can't say as I blame her -- it's a lot of property to manage, and a huge house for just one person. We are currently looking at several facilities.  I have large, elaborate pro-con lists for each place, and will be making a decision about which facility shortly.  I'll make sure everyone knows as soon as I sign a contract.
Now, to answer a few of the questions floating around.
No, we are not relocating out of state. 
No, we haven't been "kicked out," the Gormans and I have been on good terms for our whole stay at Red Bridge, and the parting will be sad. We have known of this for a while, and have been actively looking for a suitable property. 
No, I am not interested in staying on at Red Bridge under the new owners--the property is actually two real estate lots, and one of the lots will be developed, and the remaining parcel is a bit too light on turnout for our needs. 
Yes, this is lot of stress, but it's the flip side of being a renter.  As a renter, last winter when we had 70+ inches of snow, Red Bridge folks made sure the farm was accessible.  When the driveway needed repairs from all of the melt, Red Bridge folks had to track down a contractor and get it fixed. My responsibilities have stayed with running my business, not worrying about the property, which has been great. Those are the benefits of renting a facility.
The negative is I have to relocate from time to time.  Each relocation has resulted in better facilities and growth for SFD. I'm optimistic about our next home.

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