Monday, June 18, 2012

Can you help?

Ok, this really isn’t a blog, it’s more a request for help.

Seems Chase Bank teamed up with Living Social to give away a bunch of big grants to small businesses. So of course I applied.  But in order for my application to be considered by the committee, I need 250 votes from the general public.  The theme of the grant is  social marketing, so they are collecting votes through your Facebook account. It’s easy (and free) to vote, all you have to do is this:

2) Go to "Login & Support" (this will log you in via Facebook)

3) Search for “Straight Forward Dressage" and click “VOTE”

If you wouldn’t mind, help pass the word, as I need to get all 250 votes in the next 12 days. 

Then you can click on the link on Straight Forward Dressage’s Facebook page and vote that way.  

Thanks for your help. It’d be really cool if we got the grant, and even cooler that you would be a part of helping us get it.

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  1. How did this turn out? Did they ever contact you? I hope, I hope.