Monday, April 11, 2016


In response to my last post, I’d like to answer several questions that keep coming up:

Yes, the splints are out of my nose now. Those things were much bigger than I thought they were. Like truly huge. And I don’t mean “the fish that got away” huge, but in reality huge. Honest.

Yes, I’m riding again (silly humans, of course I am). As happens this time of year, my ride list is a little shorter. Horses that came for a winter boost-our-training-up-a-notch have transitioned from me in the saddle to the owners in the tack, learning where all of their nifty new buttons are before they head home for the summer.  Plus I have a quite effective working student right now.  So I’m only sitting on 4 to 7 a day.

Yes, I was sore on Friday. Of course I was, but TOTALLY worth it.

Yes, I’m wearing a mask. It is horribly uncomfortable, steams up my glasses, and has caused my chin to break out like a teenager. The upside is, according to one of my closest friends, it makes me look like a Marvel Super Villain. Can I get any cooler than that?

So I did some research. Turns out there are tons of ways to stop dust from coming into your nose – everything from gas masks to foam pompoms stuffed up your nostrils. These two caught my attention: 

How can that be comfortable? 
Now this look is total super-villain, and even comes in green.

As I'm a bit over having things stuffed up my nose at the moment, I ordered what looks like a band aid with a filter in it. Hopefully it will be more suitable than my mask, but somehow I don’t think it’ll be any more classy.

No, I won’t have to dust-filter my nose forever, just until everything heals inside.

Yes, my hair is much better. My hairdresser is a miracle worker.

No, the cookies did not turn out well. They are the worst chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever made. The dough was a bit on the dry side to start, then while it was “resting” in the fridge, somehow about a fourth of it mysteriously disappeared. When I actually got around to baking them, they came out hard as rocks. I gave up after the 3rd tray and left the rest as dough. The dough is better than the cookies anyway.

Which means yes, my sense of smell and taste are returning. 

Yes, my headaches are MUCH improved. I can even blow my nose now.  No one appreciates being able to blow their nose enough.

Yes, I’ll post the DVCTA article here, but I thought I’d let DVCTA, who asked for it, run it first. That seemed polite.

Yes, my teeth are still being brushed, but not as frequently. Breathing from my nose is a really, really nice thing.

Now off to ride the ponies.

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