Monday, October 12, 2009

BLM Results

The BLMs is always a big deal. Lots of horses, lots of tension, plus it's the first show with cool nights, which usually brings out the frisky in the ponies. Boy, did it come out.

But first the good stuff. Secret, Dream, Ockie, Flika (for the most part), were all the good girls we expected them to be. They and their human counter-parts turned in solid rides, letting the judges see their training.

Ockie and Cara stood 6th in the PGS championship class. Flicka and Laura were 5th and Secret and I were 8th in the training level championship class. Dream and Anita had two solid championship rides that put them just out of the ribbons both times. Secret ribboned in each of her training level rides, incuding a blue for training 2 on Friday with a 70 and change. We are waiting to hear if she was high-scoring Arab for the show. Oberon ribboned in all of his third level rides, and allwed Laura to actually RIDE, and not just steer and hope. He wins most improved, as we expected him to be overwhelmed, but even with all the pressure, he stayed obedient for the most part, a nice show of maturity on his part.

Silly and Merrick, the ones we were concerned would have trouble with the high-excitement of this show, did. Merrick, in usual Merrick atheltic form, got himself so excited he ended up with a sore back. Carol has impressive sticking power, I must say. Silly was also pretty excited, but her tension comes out as running with an occasional spin, giving us a really fast championship ride on Friday. Don't want to tie up that ring any longer than necessary. . .

Then there's the stage-fright boys. Eclipse, the perfect boy, managed a stone bruise last weekend, and had to stay home. Dosysky, Anita's GP horse, had a minor colic on Monday and began treatment for ulcers, so she decided to keep him home also.

That's the facts folks. Stories to come later, once I get the laundry under control.

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