Sunday, October 4, 2009

Four Training Days Left....

This is it, down to the wire. BLMs are next weekend, and we have four training days left. That's it. A whole year's plotting and planning, and it is almost over.

The good news is two of the four are ready. Secret has been schooling like her usual, perfect, try-my-heart-out-every-stride self. Eclipse is the rock-solid good-boy he always is. They will show the judge what they can do, and then it's all up to the judge's opinion.

Then there's Silly and Merrick. Silly is my horse, which means when it comes to showing, she usually gets the short end of the stick. At home I know what I'm getting, but she just does not have the road miles of the other two. So her inexperience will come out either as additional gaits or tension. We'll find out on Friday.

Merrick has been working better and better every day, and lately it has carried over to the show ring. Then yesterday his dramatic nature overcame, and he limped just a little (What do you mean you are off??? My sanity needs those FOUR TRAINING RIDES!!! ). He has a suspicious crusty spot at his right hind coronet band, and when I touched it, he fired a warning shot at my knee. Hopefully it is an abscess, and will burst completely and go back to work in time.

In the mean time, I'm forcing myself to give the horses this Sunday off. I'm keeping busy looking for my desktop. I hastily buried it when I compressed everything into two four-day work weeks. Then used my stolen time to run home to my high-school reunion (Has it really been 20 years???? No way. All these people have kids and grown-up jobs. I couldn't have gone to high school with them...). I'm sure my desk is under here somewhere. It is brown, I think.

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