Friday, April 13, 2012

And so it Begins

The slow time of year apparently is over. Not that it was all that slow this year…

We usually start our show season in May, but this winter has been unseasonably warm, and the horses have been schooling so well, we decided to attend VADA/NOVA’s spring show at Morven Park held over Easter weekend.

As usual, the weather made an impact on the scores. It was WINDY, and that wind had a cold edge to it. Secret was her usual stellar self on day one, but the wind had emptied her gas tank for day two. Mandy was really, really overwhelmed by the big warmbloods and cold wind, so my rock-star pony didn’t show very well.  Rebecca’s mount, James, seems to love cold, windy days—he was awesome, becoming the high-score SFD rider at this show with a 69.355 in First 3 on Sunday.  We brought home enough ribbons and stories to make the trip well worth it.

March and April we crammed in a whirlwind of clinics, hosting Phoebe DeVoe with OVCTA, attending Acadia Farm’s clinic with Lendon Gray, Hawk Hollow’s clinic with Catharine Haddad-Staller, and our usual trips down to Hasslers. With all of this consistent help, the horses are going great. 

And it continues—this weekend a bunch of students are competing at FCDA’s schooling show at Journey’s End, which is just around the corner. The next two weekends have JJ Tate and Linda Zang both hosted locally.  Then there’s our Training Demonstration this Saturday, on creating a plan for your horse’s workouts.

So, hence the short, just-the-facts blog.  Hopefully I’ll have some time in the next week or so do write more. Until then, happy riding.

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